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Estate Planning

Estate planning starts with a conversation about one's wishes with regard to ‘who do you want to get your stuff?  And how & when should it go to them?'  It's important to know not only to whom the estate should be distributed, but also how and when should one receive them. Some heirs may benefit [..]

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Wills and Trusts

A will is the more commonly recognized basic document of estate planning documents. Without a will, the state of Oklahoma will distribute one's estate per the state's intestacy laws. This means assets would be distributed to family members based on legal relationship to the decedent. Generally, recipients or heirs, in order of hierarchy are surviving [..]

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Ms. Hoopert is experienced in guiding the executor or administrator through the complex and sometimes lengthy process of court supervision of the decedent's estate, including getting the personal representative appointed; identifying, inventorying and collecting assets; resolving debt; handling expenses; determining heirs; and closing the estate with distribution of residual property. The probate process is often [..]

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Being executor of an estate or trustee of a trust is no easy task. An executor is charged with managing every aspect of the estate from the time the decedent passes away until assets are distributed and the estate has been closed. If a trust is involved, administration of the trust for the benefit of [..]

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Taxes and tax returns don't end with death. After an individual passes away, his or her income tax return may need to be filed for the final (partial or full) tax year. The obligation for filing that return often falls to the executor or successor trustee. In addition, taxable activity of an estate occurring from [..]

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