Ms. Hoopert is experienced in guiding the executor or administrator through the complex and sometimes lengthy process of court supervision of the decedent's estate, including getting the personal representative appointed; identifying, inventorying and collecting assets; resolving debt; handling expenses; determining heirs; and closing the estate with distribution of residual property. The probate process is often initiated when an individual leaves no spouse and has real property in his or her name.  To effectively obtain title to or sell Oklahoma real property, the heirs, or beneficiaries under a will, usually requires a probate petition to the local court. Probate serves to determine what property the deceased owned, what debts they had, and who is entitled to receive their property. The probate process usually involves a minimum of two court appearances and may take anywhere from five months to a year (or longer), depending on the complexity of the estate.

Probate can often be handled more effectively by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with the state's and county's probate process. Ms. Hoopert has experience handling probate cases in Tulsa County, as well as, Creek County, Rogers County, Pawnee County, Kay County, and Oklahoma County.